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Rebel-Nature is an Amsterdam based Cosmetics Laboratory that produces the highest quality  organic/natural based cosmetics for both private individuals and cosmetics companies all over the world. Our products are all handmade, either natural or organic and always affordable. Our service consists of two disciplines: clients can create their own unique cosmetic product(line) or they can purchase one of the handcrafted cosmetic products of our house brand Rebel-Nature.


Rebel-Nature was founded with the idea that nourishing your body is a primary need, and therefore should be affordable. Unfortunately, most natural cosmetics on the market come with an extremely high price tag, and even then are often not fully natural or organic. As Rebel-Nature we try to be Rebellious with the power of Nature. Therefore, the raw materials we use are always either organic or derived from nature, they will benefit and improve the health of skin and hair as well as general well-being. Each ingredient is carefully picked to maximize the positive effect of our products on  your skin’s health. All products are crafted by hand, assuring the highest quality at an affordable price because everyone should be able to feel nourished and pretty, when using our cosmetic products.

Doing everything ‘in house’; product development, conception, selection of raw materials and production, combined with ongoing professional scientific research and implementation, enables us to guarantee good value for money for all our customers.


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